For students of 'Class 8-12'


Concept of Real coding using Python will be tough in this program

• Variables, Loops (for and While) , if else conditions
• calculations in python
• functions in python
• List , tuples and dictionaries in python for data
• Data analysis using Pandas and Numpy
• Data Visualization using matplotlib
• GUI in python
• Game creation in python like Guessing game, tictac-toe Game, Rolling the dice game and HangMan


Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib and seaborn package in python.

  • sklearn module in python
  • Understanding of supervised learning and unsupervised learning
  • Supervised Learning algorithms: Support vector machine (SVM), Decision Tree (DT), Naive Bayes (NB)
  • Unsupervised Learning Algorithm : K-Means
  • Projects : Recommendation systems, Image segmentation, Face recognition, Facial Emotion Recognition, Weather Forecasting, IPL team winning prediction, Sentiment Analysis (10
    projects like wise)

Deep Learning with Python - Creator

  • Tensor Flow and google colab for deep learning
  • Neural Network implementation using TensorFlow
  • Convolution neural network (CNN) architecture and its implementation using TensorFlow
  • FRCNN for detection and recognition with higher accuracy.
  • Project like real time object detection and recognition, real time face recognition with 99 % accuracy (10 projects with different architecture of CNN)
  • Chatbot implementation using python module
  • chatbot training and its testing.
  • custom chatbot implementation process for implementing
    personal assistant like ALEXA and Google Home