Children Are Growing Up with AI – They Should Know How It Works.

21st century kids are the first generation to grow up in the world where Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have become a part of everyday lives in so many ways!  Children today use technological devices to communicate, learn and play as tools which are always by their side. Seeing their adults using the devices like phones, tablets and even various other appliances around the house, they expect to use them the same way. However, their underlying processes, concepts and algorithms are rarely exposed to most people and children aren’t any exception. The environment in which they’re growing integrates AI and ML products more than ever before. Thus, it has become essentially important for children to understand the fundamental concepts. By having a better understanding of how these algorithms are created, they would also be able to realize how AI influences society and hopefully it would even motivate them to help shape the future of the society. This would even make them to feel empowered.

According to studies exposing children to technical concepts stimulates their problem-solving, analytical and logical skills. The middle school years are always considered as critical to a child’s identity formation and development. So, teaching them about the technology at this age may make them more likely to study it later or have a career in technology. This could even help diversify the AI industry. Learning to combat with the ethics and societal impacts of AI at such an early age, enhance their scope of growing into more conscious creators and developers, as well as more informed citizens.

I would like to end up with the words of wisdom,

“If our kids aren’t ready for this new autonomous future with AI, we will not have the level of equality that we want to have. We must bring our kids along on this incredible journey.”

Marc Benioff, CEO of salesforce,

Thank you for reading!!

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