Artifical Intelligence in Education – Harness it

“Human plus machine is not the future ,its the present”. Garry Kasparov said in a recent Ted Talk

And this present is transforming the world of education at a rapid pace.with children increasingly using tablets and coding becoming a part of national curricula around the world ,technology is becoming an integral part of classrooms, just like white boards.

We have already witnessed rise & impact of education technology especially through adaptive learning platforms to allow learners to strengthen their skills . and now along with Robotics and AI are going traction. Moreover, learning is now turning into a truly immersive inside and outside the classroom. Imagine a room full of students exploring the wreck of the Titanic, watching dinosaours walk around them, doing face recognition. We are moving away from simply learning as a subject or topic to innovating & developing content. and most importantly , in addition to content mastery, teachers will be able to help their students develop much needed 21st century technical skills and non cognitive skills such as critical & logical thinking.

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