Future Technology

Inspired Teaching for you!

Robocraft is the unit of IRG infotech with more than 20 years of experience in the computer science education industry developed the courses on coding, Machine Learning & Artificial intelligence for the kids. the idea behind these courses is to impart technical and logical skills to the kids which are the utmost requirement of the industry. 


Coding is the necessity of today’s world. Technology is part of everyday life, none can think of their single second of life without the use of  technology. Robocraft took the pledge of nurture the today’s tech-savvy kids with coding skills so that their logical and problem-solving skills evolve from the beginner level and they can see the present world in a better way and in future will come up with latest new researches and technological revolution

RoboCraft Features

20+ years of experience in education

Live Virtual Classrooms

PRoject-based learning

Daily Progress report to parents

BuIld Kids Logical and creative thinking ability

Doubt / revision Sessions

How We are Different?

With a zillion sites offering so much online coding teaching, choosing the Numero Uno is surely a difficult task. Let us make it easier for You!! 

Let’s say you will be taught every detail but little practical knowledge on how to implement what you have learned.

We believe everyone wants an easy explanation of things so they can invest more time in doing it by themselves. We focus on practical learning (learn by doing).

<>The Trainers at Robocraft are experienced with ingenious and have a more innovative approach to explaining things.

<>Time to time assessments will fix the grey areas and we as a team will collectively work on it to overcome the problems. 

<>At Robocraft, you will be given a chance to test and analyze what you are going to learn.

<>Curriculum aligned to CBSE and IB Boards.

<>Pan India AI-based competitions.

<>Completion certificate, Rewards & Recognitions.

<>Become Young Entrepreneur.