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Python Initiator Program

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Vijwal Manocha

I liked the Robocraft course. All the learning classes were good. I loved practicing and coding games. Kamakshi ma’am took lot of efforts. I would like to join extended course if time suits me.


I had a great time learning the very basics of Python and Machine Learning with Kamakshi ma'am and Vishal sir. They were available to help us out whenever we got stuck in the code, but first they let us try on our own. I am happy to learn with RoboCraft and would enjoy all the opportunities coming in future.

Hardit Bhatia

I have attempted a summer camp known as "Robocraft Summer camp",organised by "Robocraft" at this time of epidemic I think it is the best thing to entertain me as I love to do code and the teacher who took my class was very much fun loving and creative. They could not told me the whole thing in 12 days but they told me a enough about "Python". It was very much fun to attend the classes and to enter the world of coding.Thank you.

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